HPprint ad

Worked with my AD/CD partner to come up with a new direction for HP’s recruitment brand. Role: concept, copywriter.

What is Tektopia?

It’s a place where great ideas grow uncompromised into great products.
It’s an office where big visions come before big egos.
It’s an environment that blurs the line between work and joy.
It’s a world where instruction manuals are shorter and products last longer.
It’s a situation where the phrase '‘happy customer’' is redundant.
It’s how fantastically complex technology creates wonderfully simple user experiences.
It’s an approach that builds both loyal customers and rewarding careers.
It’s a state of mind developing in Palo Alto, and around the world.

It’s HP today.

It’s your opportunity with us tomorrow.

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How do you spot a Tektopian?

They might have a sunroom for an office. They believe the customer isn’t just right–they’re everything. They drive themselves–and their company–forward. They telecommute more than they car commute. They boast myriad backgrounds, but unified goals. They’re happy at work, for good reason. They’ve evolved since yesterday. They’ve found where the scenic route meets the fast track. They sometimes impress even themselves. They’re HP today. They’re your colleagues of tomorrow.

Brand campaign–TMP Worldwide (2006-2008)

Global recruitment campaign, print ad 1

Global recruitment campaign, print ad #2