Mannkind Corporationprint ad

How do you make a pharma company an employer of choice? The angle we came up with was to elevate drugs from beakers and test tubes to exalted humanitarian enterprise. Role: concept, copywriting.

Headlines: With a few great minds, a humble home lab led to a treatment for cancer. | One strong woman who wouldn’t leave the battlefield, and medicine would be changed forever. | Seen with the right eyes, a moldy petri dish held the key to antibiotics.

Copy: When Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, Florence Nightingale changed the field of nursing, and the Curies made their breakthroughs with radium, they were out of the public eye, but working for the public good. Like them, we try to push beyond the boundaries of the known into the realm of the exciting and the altruistic. A career at Mannkind is not for everyone; serving humanity requires unusual patience and dedication. But if you’re ready to live the difference between a job and a profession, we’d like to talk.

'‘Live the difference’' brand campaign–TMP Worldwide (2006-2008)

Recruitment print campaign.