Full name

Nate Davis


Brand strategist / copywriter / creative director


Bay Area, CA


I've defined brands at three-person architecture firms and trillion-dollar conglomerates. I've sold headphones, iPhones, and custom homes. Found the heart inside healthcare, heat pumps, and insurance. But why will all this help you? Because buying decisions these days aren't just about features and information; in a search-powered age the right specs are just table stakes.

Today, consumption is about identity and self-expression and finding your tribe. Or as a wise person put it, "we buy on emotion and justify with fact." We don't just want a product to do its job — we want our products to say the right thing about us. This deep understanding of buying behavior is the ultimate cross-functional skill I bring to every category and every project. So if you're ready to unlock the human truth and resonant story inside your business, let's talk.

2022 Social Impact Award , PR Newswire
Our podcast training intensive earned this honor for "communicators who better their community and the global community at large.”
2008 Best Marketing to Physicians Online , Healthleaders Media
Recruitment campaign for Yukon-Kuskokwim hospital in rural Alaska
2004 Winner, student competition , Radio-Mercury Awards
"Can Karma" was my 60-second spot promoting recycling.
2012 The Slave Next Door: make justice personal (Group), First Presbyterian Church, Berkeley, CA
Wrote website copy & presented about human trafficking at this event featuring leading expert Kevin Bales and 20+ local organizations.

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ecommerce, App copy, web copywriting, branding, CX


branding, content strategy, copywriting, strategy, UX