HiRoadapp copy & UX

The HiRoad app had its work cut out for it: insurance is a category most customers don’t care about, it’s not something people interact with often, or get any emotional value from.

Meanwhile, we were trying to introduce a new, behavior-based model, prompt customers to be more mindful drivers, and shift their thinking from insurance as intangible commodity, to insurance as quantified self and lifestyle brand.

Almost a year in, over 70% of our customers have the app, which is an order of magnitude greater than competitors.

Lead copywriter, content strategist, brand representative
mobile app

Welcome screen 1, introducing the new behavior-based model and friendly illustration style. I wrote the copy fitting in to very persnickety design restrictions.

Welcome screen 2, outlining practical rewards.

Welcome screen 3, summarizing handy benefits of the app.

First challenge screen, explaining why customers need to drive five times and categorize them.

Trip categorization screen, using familiar interaction patterns.

Rewards and driving scores screen, both affirming and educating customers on HiRoad’s way of quantifying mindful driving. I developed the driving score names and wrote the explanatory text.

We use data science to show different tips to customers based on their unique driving behavior. I wrote 100+ tips and helped develop the system logic and tip categories.

Incidents tab; I worked with our claims and operations team to define the four options, and write the text.

Billing and documents tab, which had to show customers how their rate was being calculated.