HiRoadmobile insurance quote

HiRoad’s online quote had a lot to accomplish:

  • Build confidence in a new brand
  • Stand out in a stuffy, commoditized category
  • Be mobile-optimized

Success metric: while other online insurance companies have a 50% ratio of follow-up calls to online quotes, HiRoad’s is only 15%.

UX copywriter
Copywriting, UX, mobile

Quote screen 1: responsive design, the brand’s conversational tone, and hinting at our differentiating business model.

Quote screen 2: Lexis-Nexis powers the back end, so our quote is smart, and the fastest around. Since our core customers are Millennials, the whole flow is optimized for mobile.

Contextual help is crucial for insurance coverage options, since while customers often do not understand the distinctions, their decisions have big financial implications.